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Data Projector Epson EB-425W

Data Projector Epson EB-425W


Ultra bright and fully featured, the Epson EB-425W 3LCD Multimedia Projector is ideal for delivering exciting presentation and lesson content in modern classrooms and offices. With a high precision short throw lens and colour light output of 2,500 lumens in WXGA, the EB-425W delivers beautiful, bright images with virtually no shadow or glare.


Short Throw
The short throw distance of the EB-425W enables presenters to stand close to the board without glare in the eyes. Shadows are virtually eliminated too, meaning the audience has an unobstructed view of the presented material.

Need to project a big image in a small room? Thanks again to the short throw lens of the EB-425W you can simply place the projector on the table, and create an image on the wall as large as 60″ (Widescreen 16:10) from only 61cm away!

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